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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Yaletown | OOTD V


// I know I might've posted too many photos but I couldn't resist it. Yaletown's officially got my heart. I'm glad I finally decided to take the DSLR out and take some snapshots of todays shenanigans. Spent this gorgeous sunday foodtripping in Yaletown/DT with ma mere & sissy and went out for a patio lunch at Tap & Barrel. I've always wanted to try the resto and finally got to today! I ordered a big a$$ burger + some yam fries and if i could marry a restaurant, i would marry Tap & Barrel. Adored the chill ambience and perfect location.  We then headed to faubourg for some caramel macchiato and cute little macarons and daydreamed about one day living here in Yaletown and living much closer to UBC #wishfulthinking #goodbyecommuting. 

If i had the money i'd move there in a heartbeat. Anyhoo, yet another end to a good weekend, hoping this school week won't be too hectic! Hope everyone had an awesome weekend x


Thursday, 5 March 2015

03-03-15 | OOTD IV

Birthday week // 03-03

Had another day off from school so thought it'd be the perfect time to finally take some time to edit some photos and tell you about my week! At the start of the week, the bestie took me out for a lovely cake date at True Confections, a couple mins off campus. Never been to that cafe before and it was well worth the visit! Ordered a decadent, white chocolate, raspberry cheesecake (my go to) and Sofy got a huge slice of mocha-coffee cake. We ended up switching our orders halfway through finishing it cause we felt so sick to our stomachs and needed to switch it up! The weather this week has been working in my favour and been so thankful for it. Obviously underestimated the sun beaming through my bedroom window that morning and nearly froze to death all day but my mood was just too good that i barely noticed the cold after all my goosebumps fell off hahah Before heading to my night class, we rode our bicycles around campus and found a secluded spot to take some quick snapshots (as you can see above).

On tuesday, (my actual bday day) I didn't have class so i spent the day with the people i love the most, my family! We went to the movies and I was contemplating whether to watch Kingsman or The Imitation Game but knew my sis Izzy wouldn't understand a thing so we watched Kingsman (it was her 2nd time watching that movie). It was such a funny, feel good movie!!! Definitely have a soft spot for Taron Egerton aka Eggsy, he might just be my new celeb crush. After the movie, we all went to this cute little Italian resto called Jimoco's and ordered my fave #Lasagna and had more cake when we came home! 

Anyhoo, can't believe i've finally reached 2 decades. Seems sososo odd to me but im happy to be where I am now and have God to thank for literally everything! Thanks for everyone who took the time to give me a shoutout :) Looking forward to what the twenties will bring me! 

Cheers, Felice X