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Monday, 29 December 2014

DIY: Succulents

For the holidays, I wanted to give my sisters something different rather than the typical shoe, jewelry or clothing type of Christmas gift. I watched a DIY succulents video on Youtube a couple weeks ago from Soothingsista (one of my favourite youtubers) and fell in love with the idea of making your own cute, little plant. My sisters both have little cacti and they've been obsessed with em since they got them so i thought of adding a new little plant to their collection. I thought of giving each of us a "sister plant".

All you need are a couple of clear glass containers, a succulent plant (or any type you fancy), and a decorative material to fill the container with. I chose these goooorgeous purple, black and silver coloured crushed glass that comes in a bottle. At first i thought i'd be taking the actual plant + soil out of the pot but when I did it, my mom thought it would cause more trouble so i decided to keep it in the pot. The clear glass containers are thrifted (super cheap) and you can get them for around $2. I was originally gonna buy a mosaic type of jar but i wanted the coloured glass to peek through the container. I bought the succulent plants and the KULORT brand coloured crushed glass from IKEA (which is my favourite place ever).

On Christmas eve, I showed my sisters our sister plants but I left it undone cause I wanted us all to do a little DIY Christmas project together. It's a nice alternative for a Christmas gift and the shiny glass makes it look all the more glamorous. The plant makes any room look cozy and stylish (who wouldn't want a pet plant).  In addition, I had an extra fish bowl glass container which was originally supposed to be for my plant, but since i decided to keep the pot, i couldnt just simply stuff it in there so I put some more glass in there and used it as a makeup brush holder! This is a fun activity to do with friends and family so I recommend doing this for yours!

click here to watch my --> DIY: Succulents video

Happy Holidays xxx

Monday, 8 December 2014

Fashion Essentials 2014

Essentials 2014
1. Ankle Booties w Heels 
2. Plaid Shirt-dress
3. Basic V-neck shirts
4. Scented Candles
5. Gold, Pearl tone accessories
6. Classic Handbags
7. Gold iPhone case
8. Sturdy, studded wallet
Nothing makes me happier than emptying my bag of goodies after a well worth shopping trip. The past 2-3 weeks have been crazy packed with an itinerary solely based on shopping. With the Black Friday sales and the holidays coming up, my fam and i decided to cross the border twice (before my US passport expired). Sure enough, our day trips to the US were spent wisely as we woke up as early as 6 am and came back home past midnight..we all felt bad for our dad.

The main purpose of our shopping trip was to buy Christmas gifts for the family but things didn't quite pan out the way they're supposed to. My siblings and I ended up buying shenanigans for ourselves and swore we'd start Christmas shopping in the next weeks to come hehe. 

For the first day trip, we went all the way to Alderwood mall just for Urban Outfitters, and it took us about 3 hours to finally get there. The sale was a floppp didn't buy much except a cute little pair of light washed, high waisted, denim shorts (similar to American Apparel's). 
H&M was a main source of our goodies during both trips cause my sister works there + there happened to be 2 h&m gift cards in my wallet! I've been loving the more basic, neutral and monochromatic tones of outfits. I bought a couple of classic v-necks (white and grey), a long greyish shirt dress, a smokey-eye shadow palette, bronzing powder and my new beloved all black with gold tone everyday bag. I also bought a plain black and white plaid shirt since i've never had my own plaid shirt and again, I stuck to the basic coloured shirt. I swear we spend about 5 hours at every H&M store we step into..Fun factwe have this family thing called  the "H&M Granados curse". Everytime we start purchasing our stuff, we take up the poor cashiers time and takes us about 20 mins to settle everything out since we get soo picky with how they place the family discounts etc. Once we leave the store, we check our receipts and there's always and i mean ALWAYS something wrong with our purchases and we have to go back in and do it allll over again. 

Anyhoo, this Fall I've been obsessed with the colours rose gold, whites, golds, blacks and greys. I love love love how it makes everything look so classy and sophisticated. Candles are another thing i've been loving thanks to my sistas. They've been buying scented candles and of course I had to join the bandwagon! Also, BAGS i've been passionate about. I finally found the perfect black purse + another neutral coloured purse I could use for school in the next month and for a more dressy event.

(check captions below for details)

Plaid shirt inspired by Teni Panosian!

Monday, 1 December 2014

Top 5 Fashion Vloggers

Hello again! Fashion has always been a big part of the life and killing time on fashion blogs, lookbooks and magazines was never a problem for me growing up. Here's a list of a few of my favourites.

1. Amy Pham
2. Claire Marshall
3. Jenn Im aka clothesencounter
4. Fashionista804
5. Kayture

Amy Pham is an L.A based fashion vlogger, specifically for The Fashion Statement on The Platform and is a D.J. I would always look forward to her weekly videos and get butterflies on my subscriptions list when I see a new post on "The Fashion Statement with Amy Pham". She is the definition of our generation's edgy, urban, grunge-y, and chill vibe type of fashionista. Her wardrobe consists of a lot of mixed and matched pieces, layers and edge. She admits to call her style as more mellow and "lazy". Her outfits are usually composed of the classic boyfriend jeans, plaid accent, and finishes off her look with a pair of black leather jacket with her statement red lips. She recently dyed her hair blonde as well this year and I'm looooooving her new look. She's just such a fun, happy-go-lucky person and just the fact that she gets to talk about fashion and DJ makes me want to move to L.A and pursue her career in life. She reminds me of the typical Urban Outfitters/Nasty Gal gal. She does a lot of #AskAmy questions on Youtube where she answers viewers' questions and suggests what article of clothing would match perfectly with a certain look. She has a lot of fashion looks for certain times of the year and shows off her own selection of clothes.

Claire Marshall is also an L.A based fashion and beauty vloggers. This girl is the more edgy, mature, and as i would like to call the "classic rocker chick". This tatted up fashion vlogger was originally a makeup artist and now travels to fashion cities and vlogs her experiences on Youtube. I became obsessed with her when I saw a glimpse of her loft-style, rustic and brick-walled apartment. I fell inlove with her apartment tour video and ever since i watched it, I told myself I would design my future home just like hers. Her apartment has the perfect blend of the rustic brick wall, high white ceilings, and smooth hard-wood floors. It just has such an open and spacious feel and just makes me want to twirl and do cartwheels around her apartment. Her look consists of a white v-neck blouse, a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans, the black, classic thin strapped zara heels, a leather jacket and her mermaid hair. She tends to stick to the more monochromatic colours and pulls it off flawlessly.

Okay so I've written this post and left it as a draft for weeeeks and today I finally susbcribed to clothesencounter. I have no idea what took me so long, I am absolutely inlove with her vlogs. I've watched a ton of her videos in the past and finally gave into subscribing to her channel. I've been watching her "Jenn goes to..." vlogs and it inspired me so much to just keep doing what i love which is pursue fashion and beauty. I am completely in awe with how blessed she is getting to travel so many beautiful places like Dubai, London, New York, Singapore etc. She has such an inspirational voice and her motivational vlogs are simply motivational ;) I love watching her videos cause she really seems to be grateful with her job and support from the fans and she's humble about it too. Her videos are so entertaining, has crisp quality, catchy background music and exciting content. I advise you all to subscribe if you haven't...

Sophia Chang aka Fashionista804 is a witty, edgy, hyper fashion and beauty vlogger. Of course she lives in L.A cause every amazing fashionista is based in L.A. With her being just 22, it gives me hope to have her drive in fashion and beauty and youtube and errthang by the time i'm 22 ;) I think Amy Pham and her share a more similar style rather than Claire Marshall simply because their fashion sense has a younger, playful, grunge-y look. Something I love especially about this vlogger is her taste in music. When I watch any of her videos, I can't help but bob my head along to her videos, cause she emits such a happy and fun vibe! I especially am obsessed with her lookbook vids since she puts a play on her editting skills and music and her makeup with her outfits are just spot on.

Kayture, is a famous fashion blogger which I oddly JUST stumbled upon. I went skimmed through her blog a couple days ago and holy...fell in love. She is such a classy woman and knowing that she's only 21 (a year or so older than me) makes me feel like bleh. At the age of 20, she started her blog with her boyfriend and BAM is now a fashion sensation. Her looks are soo clean, chic, polished, sleek, mature, sophisticated + every other word in the dictionary that describes how a classy grown woman should be!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Modern Apartments

When we first moved to Canada, my parents would always scavenge for the perfect cozy house for our family, attend open houses and I would always be the first (out of the 3 daughters) to ask if I could tag along. I would always step in a house and start day dreaming of how life would be like if we lived in that particular house. My mom is a huge fan of the more modern and elegant elements int terms of furniture design, and having 3 daughters, it probably came in handy having the same sense of style. I've recently been obssessed with the modern, rustic, minimalistic, brick, loft type of home decors and apartment photos on pinterest or bloglovin. I also loooove hardwood floors and brick accent walls and white walls. Seems unrealistic for now...but ONE DAY

Just felt like sharing some of my favourites for inspiration x

Friday, 7 November 2014

Classic Favourites ♡

Hey hey, I've listed my all time favourite, classic, affordable, basic beauty products! Enjoy x

Highlight: For my typical highlight, I use my Watt's Up! Benefit highlighter and whatever white eye shadow i have. I usually highlight my brow bone, the inner tear ducts of my eye, and the highest points of my cheek bones. I was obsessed with this especially during the summer months since it makes your skin look dewy and glowing. This isn't the cheapest highlighter in the world so if your trying to get your hands on these, subscribe and sign up to Sephora and they'll give you annual freebies (baby version of Watt's Up) for your birthday ;) 

When I want to go for a more matte look, I use any shimmer-less white eye shadow and place them on the same spots as I would using my Watt's Up highlighter.

Watt's Up! Benefit

Contour: I've been using Elf's contouring blush and bronzing powder kit for over a year, which i think does the exact same job as any other high-brand contour kit and is super affordable. I always buy it in the shade "St. Lucia" since I have a fair skin type. With it's cheaper price, it is expected that the quality isn't as flawless as for example Anastasia Beverly Hill's contour kit. It may appear shimmery in the palette but appears slightly matte once applied to the skin. I've always had a problem with how harsh and dark the bronzer is on my face but i guess it depends on how lightly you put it on your face. It only comes with a bronzer and blush and thats what i use as contour but i rarely use the blush. I especially loved using this in the summer since it gave me a really nice bronzed/golden tan (plus highlight).

e.l.f St. Lucia

Lips: An obsession of mine has been putting on dark burgundy lips. Although I wear it all year round, I especially love wearing em during Autumn/Winter. I'm typically a fan of the more deep burgundy, plum with a brownish maroon undertone lipsticks. The first deep burgundy colored lipstick that I purchased is the "124 Bordeaux" Lipstick by Rimmel London. I bought it over a year ago and still use it to this day but am never a huge fan of the more shiny/sheer lipsticks so I would always end up dusting a matte-ifying powder over my lips. A problem I had with this particular lipstick was how much it bled after a couple of hours (especially when I ate). So I learned to use a lip liner to prevent it from smearing. 


Lip Liners: During my last cross to the border during the summer, I went to Fred Meyers and went straight to the cosmetics aisle. I've always been a fan of matte lips and with the "Kylie Jenner Lips" phase everyone had in the summer, I hunted for the cheapest splurge. I came across Wet n' Wild's Lip liner collection and bought it in the colours Willow and Plumberry. I was obsesssssed with it and continued wearing it as an everyday makeup look for school. I bought the darker one as well so I could line my lips before filling it in with my darker lipsticks to prevent it from bleeding. For the past months I've been just applying my lip liners by itself since i loved the matte look. I would also sometimes line my lips with the Plumberry and fill it in with Willow which gave my lips more shape and dimension. And sometimes i'd apply the two together which gave me a beautiful neutral plum shade. 

99 c

Eyes: For my every makeup routine, I would first place e.l.f's bronzer into my crease to add depth to my eyes. I would then use London Look's 12 piece eyeshadow kit. I can't find the product online but the eyeshadow colours included a basic white, silver, champagne, rose gold, black, gold, deep plum, lavender, and 4 other colours in between. I use this palette as my base and darkening the outer v of my eye and my lower lash line.

Eyeliner: For my eyeliner, I just use e.l.f's liquid eyeliner in black. I'm not too picky when it comes to eyeliner but if i were to choose my favourite, it would obviously be Benefit Cosmetic's They're Real! Push-Up Liner. It gives me such a dark, creamy, and pigmented line which I prefer rather than a lighter liner. 


Monday, 3 November 2014

Wish List 2014


(to be updated...)
1. City Color Contour Effects Palette
2. Lorac Alter Ego Lipstick in Dominatrix
3. House of Lashes in Iconic
4. Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows (Neutral Mattes)
5. bh cosmetics Forever Nude Sculpt and Glow Kit

I. I've been scavenging for an "Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette" replacement since it's always sold out/pricey so I finally found a Contour Palette that'll do the same job with a much cheaper price. I recently heard about this palette I think from watching Desi Perkin's makeup tutorial or Kaushal Beauty on Youtube (not too sure). I've just been using Elf's contour kit which i think does the exact same job as any other contour kit and is super affordable but i've always had a problem with how harsh and dark the bronzer is on my face but i guess it depends on how lightly you put it on your face. It only comes with a bronzer and blush and thats what i use as contour but i rarely use the blush. I looove how the city color contour effects palette has all three (contour, broner and highlight) + instructions for proper application.

II. An obsession of mine has been putting on dark lips especially during the colder months. Although I wear dark lips all year round, it's my favourite statement. I'm a fan of the more deep burgundy, plum with a brownish maroon undertone lipsticks. I watched Teni Panosian's "Favourite Dark Lip Colours for Fall"and she listed out her top 5 favourite colors. The one I'd go for would probably be Dominatrix by Lorac and Ingrid by NARS. Here is a list of her top 5 lippys. 


1. Girlactik Matte Lip Paint in Demure
2. LORAC Alter Ego Lipstick in Dominatrix
3. NARS Audacious Lipstick in Ingrid
4. Bite Beauty Matte Crème Lip Crayon in Cognac
5. OCC Matte Lip Tar in Black Dahlia (not so matte, actually. lol)

III. I've been trying to look for the perfect lashes that wont make me look like a drag but at the same time give my eyes a bigger, more dramatic look. I'm a huge fan of Desi Perkins and Teni Panosian from YouTube and they always always wear House of Lahses lashes. So i gottttsa have itttt!

IV. Another thing that i've been trying to find is the perfect collection of neutral(browns, taupes etc), matte-finish eyeshadows. I prefer putting on neural coloured shadows and came across the perfect set of them through temptalia's blog! Colours that i'm fond of are neutral brown, taupe, copper, rose golds. 

V. Another contour kit i'd want for Christmas would be bh cosmetics Forever Nude sculpt and contour kit. Literally just watched Carlibel's Current Favourites video on youtube and she listed this as one of her faves so why not try it out!
(I've added the links to the following products below the images)
City Colour Contour Effects Palette
Teni Panosian in "Lorac Alter Ego Dominatrix" Lipstick
House of Lashes "Iconic"
Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow
Forever Nude

Friday, 24 October 2014

chill tunes

it's been an exhausting work-filled day so what better way to end the week and spend a lazy, cozy friday night than to blog and listen to chill remixes that have been on repeat this past month. I've recently been obsessed with Matoma remixes, deep chill house mixes, with lotssss of saxualllitay (saxophone), and tropical house music. I've listed my favourite music channels below make sure to subscribe! Can't get enough x